Monday, October 16, 2017

Eldon Soulshade Poses

This is Eldon Soulshade, a young demon boy attending Grimwood, a school for monsters. I started developing a character for this month's character design challenge, but I decided to create a story around him. I'll be sharing more art for this story throughout the week! 

I'm going to be working on made up story concepts with a focus on character design. I'm approaching these made up stories as if I am developing a series, game or film. I'll think of a story and try to flesh out the idea visually with a logo design, main character/cast development, environment art and possibly story beats if time allows. My goal is mainly to improve in general, but also to help me focus on telling a story while pushing myself to add more depth and life to my characters. I already have some ideas in mind and I hope you'll look forward to the art! :)

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