Saturday, March 10, 2012


For those who have yet to play: I tried my best not to spoil anything here, basically what's shown here is what you can do very very early on :)


This game is truly something you have to experience for yourself.

I had to make some kind of art about it after playing through it a few times. I didn't want to spoil anything so I tried to showcase some of the normal things you'll do in this wonderful world very early on.

I really hope you like this piece, I spent some time on it so I hope you'll take a look at some of the smaller details :D

Thank you for looking!


  1. These are really great! Saw a preview online the other day about the game, it looked very promising.

  2. These poses look great...I've actually tried to limit myself from watching any type of media on this game to be more surprised when I actually play it this coming week and I'm glad you didn't spoil anything. :) I look forward to experiencing the game for myself and to more of your great artwork!! :)